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beginners welcome
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pricing as of 2/2014
four lessons (discount)
one lesson

Now offering private online lessons via webcam.
This was a very effective way for me to study music with teachers in other countries and I believe to be highly effective and convenient.

Soon Beau Bledsoe is one of the first online musical instructors available via Google fiber. With speeds 100 times faster than broadband, students are assured a more person to person experience.


All you need is:
A computer
A webcam, either built in or USB
High speed internet connection - 400 kpbs or higher recommended
Skype video chat software (free download)
How it works:

1. We schedule a lesson date and time (either via email or on the phone).
2. You provide payment via Paypal (at least 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson)
3. We both log on to the video chat software
Voila! Personal lessons online from the comfort of your desktop!

Please visit the FAQ page for more details and policies.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet for a lesson in person or online, please email me at or call 816.471.5107.


"Best Lesson I Have Ever Had - I had my first Flamenco guitar lesson with Beau Bledsoe today and left feeling super excited about the world of Flamenco. He has written his own method book on the subject, and printed me off the first 15 pages to keep. There were charts, photos, diagrams and everything was presented in a logical order. After clearly demonstrating most of the techniques, he had me shoot a video of him recapping our whole lesson so I would be sure to retain the massive amount information bestowed upon me. It was an efficient use of the hour I bought, and certainly worth the money." - Benjamin Warner - Guitarist
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"One of the advantages of retirement is that one has the time to pursue special interests and hobbies.  As a young man I played the saxophone and developed an appreciation for music and those who play it well.  I became especially interested in classical guitar in the past ten years, and I attended numerous concerts by noted artists in Illinois.  When I retired and moved to Kansas City for half of each year, I began my pursuit of the classical guitar and was introduced to the Flamenco guitar through the Kansas City Guitar Guild visiting artist and guitar in the park series.  Actually, I was amazed with the sounds these artists made on the Flamenco guitar, and I approached Beau Bledsoe, the resident Flamenco artist that I had heard on two occasions through the Guitar Guild performances.  

It has been a year now that I have experienced weekly sessions with Beau Bledsoe and each has been a joy....a treat....a BLAST for me.  Mr. Bledsoe's methods of teaching Flamenco guitar are extraordinary.  He provides a learning environment that is demanding and yet obtainable.  He displays patience as well as understanding.  He is always prepared and expects the same of me.  I always end a session feeling I have received the best from Beau Bledsoe and that he has received the best from me.  

And, during the months I am out of Kansas City we continued through Skype and did not miss a week.  Learning through Skype was an option Mr Bledsoe has perfected, and I was pleasantly surprised how well I adapted to this technology.  

Calling Mr. Bledsoe a year ago was one of the best things I have done.  I was right in thinking the Flamenco guitar would be special and due to the teaching of Beau Bledsoe, I am learning to play it.  I recommend to all who are retired or thinking of retiring....pick up a musical instrument and enrich your life....and if the instrument happens to be a Flamenco guitar--call Beau Bledsoe." - Don Crist